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For horse and human By Dawn McCaig ITEC dip HM, EBW


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Manipulation, Massage and Myofascial Release

For horse and rider

By Dawn McCaig Dip MCST (WCST), Dip MCAM (OCEPT), Dip HM (ITEC), EEBW

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Equine sports massage  is a sma ll investment in the horse’s health.

Each equestrian discipline creates its own demands of the body systems of both horse and rider resulting in tension which in time can build up to cause an injury to occur.  More than 60% of your horse’s body weight is made up of muscle.  Small injuries can take up to 90 days to become apparent(by change in behaviour, decreased performance and subtle lameness).  Prompt attention to those micro injuries not only improves performance but prevents them turning into major issues.  

When injury occurs there is usually PAIN which  causes MUSCLE SPASM resulting in  REDUCTION IN CIRCULATION.  MUSCLE ATROPHY then occurs which causes LIGAMENT STRAIN resulting in LOSS OF MOVEMENT which in turn creates  ADHESIONS which causes PAIN and so the cycle continues.  By reducing Pain there this cycle reverses, therefore enabling recovery and improving performance.

Signs of muscular and soft tissue issues:

Resistance, Bucking, Napping, Rearing, Unlevelness, Refusing jumps,

Rushing jumps, Running out, Stiffness on one rein, Cold backed,

Unwilling to work on bit, Behavioural changes


Stretching exercise by Dawn McCaig
Painted muscles
Massage by Dawn McCaig


Improving performance

one muscle at a time


What to expect

A session can last anywhere between one to two hours.  I charge by the session and not the minutes due to this difference.  Your horse may need a few sessions depending on the issue presented.


The first session will include a full observation, evaluation and relevant therapy.  I work in a holistic way; taking the full picture into account such as the horses environment, demeanour, conformation, muscular asymmetry, shoeing, dentistry, tack fit and anything else deemed relevant.  A dynamic observation will be recorded which will entail the horse being walked and trotted away, turned in small circles and if necessary lunged or ridden.


Light ridden or in-hand work will be required immediately after the session to further stretch the muscle fibres.  Please allow at least an extra 20 minutes for this.  Stretches and follow up exercise may be advised.  Your horse may need up to 48 hours off following a session, please bear this in mind if competing.  


If there are concerns about the horse, he/she will be referred to a vet or other professional such as a farrier, dentist or saddle fitter.


At each appointment you will be required to provide a dry and mud free horse, flat headcollar and rope, stable and handler.  Please check with your vet that it is okay for me to work on your horse.